Cheers for the Czech Beer Festival

Imagine 17 days of non-stop beer drinking and great Czech and Moravian food to boot?  The Czech Beer Festival is held each May in the capital, Prague.

You can taste up to 70 brands of Czech beer draught in glass jugs. The most renowned beer festival in the Czech Republic takes place at the Prague Exhibition Centre.

The Czech Beer Festival offers 10 thousand seats in three large pavilions, and, despite the large number of seats the pavilions can and do fill up . Each pavilion has a stage and a different cultural programme. 200 Waiters who will be wearing traditional national costumes will be there to serve participants.

The Czech Republic produces some of the world’s best beers, and here’s a great chance to sample many of them, as well as enjoying the food of some great Czech chefs.

Admission is free. Visitors will pay for drinks and meals with special festival money called beer talers. You can change your money into talers in the festival premises and even buy them from your server. The exchange rate is 1 taler = CZK 44, sold in packs of five talers. There are about 16 Czech Korunas to the US Dollar. A half-litre jug of beer, any brand, costs just one taler.

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