Cheese chocolate and trains for a fun do time

I look like the Fat Controller, I love trains, can gorge cheese and will eat chocolate anytime, I also happen to think that Switzerland is one of the prettiest places to visit, especially if you like looking at wonderful scenery out of a carriage window, so for me the Swiss Chocolate Train is just perfect.

The Chocolate Train, is a daylong trip which is run throughout summer from June through to October. It is a joint venture of GoldenPass Services and Cailler-Nestlé. It’s a trip that glides you through the stunning Swiss Alps and includes visits to the hometowns of two of the country’s richest culinary creations.

The train departs from (and returns to) Montreux, Switzerland, and rolls northeast to Gruyeres, an idyllic medieval hill-town where cheese-mongers still milk Fribourg cows to churn out blocks of the eponymous cheese.

Included is a tour of fascinating Gruyeres Castle before departs again headed to nearby Broc, home to the world-famous Cailler-Nestle factory.

Passengers get the chance to tour the new, $7-million visitor centre. Here you can trace the history of Swiss chocolate from the time of the Aztecs, when it was used primarily as a bitter drink that was consumed on special occasions, and see how our uses of chocolate being refined to the present.

Following the tour of the visitor centre is the opportunity to sample plenty of chocolate available for consumption. 65 tons of chocolate is produced on-site each day, but you may have to leave some for others to sample too.

On the return visit the gentle roll of the train combined with a stomach full of delicacies means you can sit back and enjoy the beautiful views, or get rocked into a peaceful nap.

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