Clark Kent’s favourite museum Metropolis Illinois

Yes, I would imagine that Clark Kent would take an interest in it – the Super Museum, a collection of Superman memorabilia, located in, of course, Metropolis, Illinois.

The Museum contains the artefacts collected by Superman aficionado Jim Hambrick, who has been collecting since 1959.  Jim originally lived in California and owned a travelling Superman exhibit that would do the US county fair circuit. In 1985, he decided his collection belonged in Superman’s hometown, Metropolis, Illinois.  What’s more, the Super Museum is easy to find as it’s right on Super Square, and you can’t miss it as it is directly opposite the Man of Steel Statue. They take Superman very seriously in Metropolis!

On display are many rare pieces from the Superman films, including the Kryptonian crystal that helped Christopher Reeve create the Fortress of Solitude. There are also sections devoted to the side players — Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Perry White.  For lovers of the original TV show George Reeves‘ original “flying pan” from 1951-53 is suspended from the ceiling — the torso-moulded special effects device that allowed Superman to fly on TV. The pan was attached under his costume, then he was lifted by crane, and hurled by cityscape sets and landscapes. Flying pan technology was abandoned after a mishap where the cable broke, dropping the actor 16 feet onto the set floor.  I can remember the original TV show, and I was always amazed that whenever Superman was flying and made a turn, the clouds in the background turned with him – the special effects in those days weren’t great, but we believed them.

Metropolis is located 364 miles from Chicago, and the Super Museum has been nominated as one of Illinois’ top ten attractions. It is open seven days a week (except for Christmas Day) and admission is $5 for adults.  If you are a fan of Superman you may wish to attend the Superman Celebration in Metropolis on the second weekend in June each year.

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