Cox’s Bazar Bangladesh


Cox’s Bazar Bangladesh

Bangladesh probably isn’t the first place which springs to mind when considering a beach holiday, but it does have Cox’s Bazar, which is probably the world’s longest, sandy beach.

With a length of 125 kilometres of gently sloping sand, Cox’s Bazar has the potential to be a great tourist destination, but it really doesn’t get the promotion to do so, and it does lack good international resorts, which tend to be magnets for international visitors.

Of course, the more adventurous can enjoy Cox’s Bazar, and without the crowds it makes for a perfectly good destination in which to relax and to soak up the local atmosphere.

History of Cox’s Bazar

The unusual name, Cox’s Bazar, is named after a British soldier, Hiram Cox, who defeated the troops of the King of Burma in a skirmish in 1799 in order to establish a market.

Cox’s Bazar is situated about 150 km south from Chittagong and it is 414 lm southeast of Dhaka, which is the capital city of Bangladesh.

They are plenty of hotels in the area, but they are not international brands.  Nevertheless, you can get reasonable accommodation there, at a cost that is very affordable.

Apart from the beach there are other attractions nearby.

One of these is the Bangabandhu Sheik Mujib Safari Park, which is the first safari park in Bangladesh.

Visitors can see around the park by either travelling in a bus or jeep, or wandering around on foot.  Wild elephants are protected here, and you can also see lions, tigers, crocodiles, bears and many other animals.

There is also an interesting Buddhist village about ten kilometres away called Ramu.  This has many Buddhist temples, and statues of Buddhas made of precious metals.  Ramu is reputed to the site of the world’s largest Buddhist temple.

Offshore Islands

Off the coast of Cox’s Bazar are several islands.   One of these, St Martin’s Island, is the only coral island in Bangladesh.  It is just nine kilometres offshore and close to the border with Myanmar.

The southernmost point in Bangladesh is a place called Teknaf, which is close to Cox’s Bazar.

Visitors go there to cruise the Naf River, which is a very attractive river and the border between Bangladesh and Myanmar.

It is best to reach Cox’s Bazar by air of bus from either Chittagong or Dhaka, and when there the easiest form of transport is by rickshaw for which you negotiate a price.

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