Cruising to a theme

With cruising becoming more popular than ever, the cruise companies need to come up with more creative ways to attract passengers – it seems that destinations just don’t do it anymore.

One of the ways the cruise companies are increasing business is the introduction of theme cruising.  The idea is, they pick a particular theme, it may be about entertainment, lifestyle, that sort of thing, and it seems to be working.  This may be because Disney now has Disney-themed ships that have proved to be very popular, and if Disney can be successful at it, why shouldn’t other cruise operators?

When you think of it, themed cruises do allow people who have special interests to get together with other like-minded people in the one place and with little outside influences.  For instance, if stamp collectors wish to get together en masse, they would normally have to go to somewhere like Las Vegas where there are many other attractions apart from the stamps.  Whereas, on board a ship that is out on the high seas, such a get together can be more tightly controlled, there are less interruptions, and participants can really concentrate on their chosen activity.

One of the most popular of the theme cruises which sail out of Florida is Carnival Cruise’s Elvis Cruise.  Yes, they get dozens of Elvis impersonators on board to entertain for almost 24 hours a day and the fans can have a real Elvis-fest and vacation simultaneously.  Star Trek is another popular theme cruise, with original cast members, Star Trek TV episodes and movies shown, exhibitions of Star Trek memorabilia, and trading of memorabilia all taking place – the only non-Star Trek activity is that the crew do not communicate with each other in Klingon.

The popularity of the Twilight films has seen Twilight themed cruises being run to Alaska (because vampires don’t like too much sun or heat).  Also fans of TV soap operas get to cruise with their favourite soap stars, and even enact scenes from their favourite soaps – for which you don’t need an ability to act, just be able to stare for a long fade out.

And, believe it or not, in 2011 we’ll even see Titanic-themed cruises.  Not that there’ll be any encounters with icebergs, but 2011 is the centenary of the Titanic disaster and there are several cruises that will visit the waters above Titanic’s final resting place as a fitting tribute to those who were lost on that fateful night.

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