There’s something about the sea that many people find attractive.  Perhaps it’s the wanderlust in us all, or the fact that we are natural land dwellers, and bobbing around on a vast ocean is a rare treat.

Once, people boarded ships merely to travel from one point to another.  There was a specific purpose for their voyage.  Now that air travel has become the most popular, and cheapest, way to traverse large distances, the purpose of cruising has evolved into leisure.

Just as air travel has become more functional, with luxuries and services slashed along with the fares, the reverse has occurred with cruising.  Modern ships now add more comforts, facilities and entertainment for passengers, they pamper their passengers in the hope they’ll return for more.

Cruising is all about being made to feel special.  Modern ships are often better than five star hotels, a passenger’s every moment on board could be spent in some pursuit if they preferred.  Whereas airline food is getting worse, and sometimes non-existent, shipboard food continues to improve.  Cruise lines have increased their business simply by spoiling passengers. Now, cruising is less about how to move many people around the world, and all about entertainment and relaxation. People are keen on cruising because it takes the worry out of travel.

Despite the fact that it costs billions to build a decent cruise liner, ships continue to be built, and they are getting bigger.  Ships have become floating cities, with the difference between a ship and a real city being that onboard a cruise ship; passengers have but one aim – enjoyment.

When you’re at sea, out of sight of land, you really have no idea where on Earth you are.  So the vessel becomes your world with which you become ever increasingly familiar.  All that you want that could enhance the pleasure of your voyage is available to you on board.  Your time is totally taken up with leisure.  Your cabin is cleaned; your meals are provided; your time is spent how you like without the need to do chores; your sightseeing is arranged; cruising offers a break from the drudgery of normal life.

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