Dancing with water in Macau

Macau is the Asian equivalent of Las Vegas.  This former Portuguese Colony, which is now part of China, has really seen a lot of development once the gambling industry was opened up to competition following decades of monopoly ownership.  As a result, some of the world’s biggest and glitziest casinos now operate in Macau, with the aim of attracting plenty of Yuan from Chinese nationals who can now travel there quite freely.

City of Dreams is the second largest mega-sized casino complex on the newly-reclaimed Cotai Strip.  As well as having three hotels, a luxury apartment block and 200 shops on the premises, the casino also boasts 39,000 square metres (175,000 square feet) of gaming areas.  As well as gambling, shopping, and fine restaurant facilities, City of Dreams also provides entertainment for its patrons, and its latest show `The House of Dancing Water’ is certainly an expensive, yet stunning, original experience.

Created and directed by Franco Dragone, the HKG$2 billion-plus performance ‘The House of Dancing Water‘ is a breathtaking water-based show that draws its creative inspiration from the roots of Chinese culture, particularly the ‘seven emotions’ derived from classical Confucian beliefs, and is destined to be the most extravagant live production ever staged in Asia.

This permanent show is housed in the Dancing Water Theatre at City of Dreams, a spectacular 270-degree theatre-in-the-round seating some 2,000 people and containing the world’s largest commercial pool (approximately 49 metres [160 feet] in diameter and 8 metres [26 feet] deep) with more than five times the volume of an Olympic-sized swimming pool. The spectacle is performed by a superb cast of approximately 77 international performance artists from more than 18 countries, and includes acrobats, contortionists, dancers, musicians and motorcycle stuntmen.

To achieve the effects they wanted, they built 258 fountains and 8 ten tonne elevators so as to be able to convert the aquatic stage into a solid floor.

`The House of Dancing Water’ promises to be a brilliant extravaganza which will even out-Vegas Las Vegas itself.

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