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One of the big costs associated with flying is the cost of getting to and from the airport.  The distance of the airport from the city centre normally determines how expensive transfers can be.  For instance, in Asia, Kuala Lumpur’s airport is about 70kms from the city centre, and in Japan, Narita is almost 60 kms from Tokyo.  Both of these airports have good public transport services between the city and the airport to keep costs down, but if you are flying to and from your home city, people often find it easier to take their own car to the airport and pay to leave it there.

Airports are normally very expensive places, so the cost of parking is usually at a premium, meaning that you pay a lot for your car to occupy a small piece of tarmac.  On a cost per square metre/foot basis your car cost a lot more for its little space than you would pay for your own dwelling.

There is a way to reduce costs, and that is to park near the airport, but not at it.  Most major airports have, mainly, long term parking close to the airport, but outside its boundary, where rents are cheaper, hence the cost of holding your car is lower.

In the USA there is an organisation called Avistar which has discount airport parking near most of the major airports there.  At some US airports you can save 50% or more just by parking near the airport.  Normally you make a booking online before turning up, and once you have parked a shuttle bus takes you to the terminal.  If the parking centre is only 5 or 10 minutes from the airport, it can actually work out quicker for you, as you don’t have to drive around a huge carpark looking for a spot, before making your way to the terminal.

Similar systems are available in Australia, where I live.  Each of Australia’s state capitals has off-site parking, some of which is undercover, which works out cheaper than parking at the airport itself.  These companies also offer other services, such as cleaning and detailing, so that you are not inconvenienced by trying to find the time to have these done whilst you are at home.  It will all be done without any inconvenience to you.

Of course, the cost of off-site parking depends on how long your car will be sitting in the yard.  Although the per day cost gets cheaper the longer you are away, there does come a time when the cost of a return taxi will work out cheaper than parking, depending, of course, on how far away from the airport you live.

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  • Tracy Anderson

    Nice information.

    I was also looking for discounted airport Parking in Sydney and contacted Dapsydney as one of my friend referred them.

    I am satisfied by their service & also recommend them to you all. The staff was very professional and helpful. I am amazed by their service.


    Tracy Anderson

  • I’ve found a good airport car park close to Sydney Airport’s domestic terminals in Mascot. They charge $10 per day which includes free shuttle transfers. It’s heaps cheaper than using the Airport’s own car parks.



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