Discussing the Great Ocean Road Victoria Australia

With a coastline exceeding 35,000 kilometres, and that’s just the mainland, it doesn’t include the islands, you would expect Australia to have some remarkably pretty places to visit.

There are indeed hundreds of places along the Australian coast which range from the merely breathtakingly beautiful to the astounding and jaw-droppingly awesome.

The south coast of the state of Victoria is one place which exceeds expectations for coastal scenery that is exceptionally attractive; but even here, there is a section of coastline which must surely rank amongst the top most scenic coastal places anywhere on Earth.

The Great Ocean Road is a 243 kilometre stretch of coast-hugging road that is so special it has been heritage listed. Linking the towns of Torquay in the east and Warrnambool in the west, this is not the route you take for a quick trip across Victoria.

The speed limit along much of the road is just 80 kilometres per hour, but that is only whilst you are moving. The Great Ocean Road is actually a road for stopping along; just so you can admire the next piece of drop-dead gorgeous coastline which appears as you come over the last hill, or reveals itself as you round that next bend.

Whilst driving along this road you will encounter many bays, beaches, coves and soaring cliffs which rise from the turbulent seas. Even when you think it can’t possibly get better it does, especially when you arrive at the group of lonely sentinels called the Twelve Apostles.

These limestone stack formations are ensconced in the Port Campbell National Park, and they are the last remnants of the former Australian coastline which extended further south into Bass Strait and the Southern Ocean.

If you are fortunate enough to see the Twelve Apostles on a stormy day when the wild seas are at their most ferocious you will understand why Australia is slightly smaller than it used to be.

To get more of an idea of the picturesque beauty of the landscapes that are so accessible from the Great Ocean Road, simply view the accompanying video, for which pictures illustrate a discussion between Jon Lewis of Radio 6PR Perth and Steve `Grumpy’ Collins and why the great ocean Road is one of the best coastal drives you could do anywhere, and perhaps you could be swayed by the photos to see this inspiring and dramatic piece of Australia for yourself.

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