Disneyworld goes to the dogs

Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida attracts plenty of human visitors, but now it is also targeting our four-legged friends with the opening of Best Friends Pet Resort, a place where pets can spend the day or even overnight while owners enjoy the theme parks.

This is a luxury facility with more than 50,000 square feet of space, half of it outdoors.  It has room for 270 dogs, 30 cats and also caters for other types of animals, including birds, potbellied pigs and small mammals like hamsters and guinea pigs.

Standard indoor boarding for dogs costs $37 nightly. For additional fees, you can get ridiculous services such as doggy play group and bedtime stories for dogs.

As with human hotels there are also upgrades for dogs which include such things as vacation villas with outdoor patios and flat-screen TVs for watching videos. Also available are 226-square-foot luxury suites ($76) with private outdoor play yards and personal pet concierges.

Cats, or perhaps their owners, can choose between two- and four-story condos.

In addition to the water park, Best Friends offers play groups, outdoor runs, walking trails and areas for playing ball or Frisbee.

Pets can be left for the day without overnight boarding, and owners can drop by to visit or play on their way from hotels to the park.

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