East Perth Panorama

Sometimes you take things for granted and it is not until you view a daily scene from a different perspective that you can really gain a new appreciation for that which has previously mundane.

I’ve worked in East Perth, near the central business district of the city of Perth, capital of Western Australia, for about two decades, yet have not really taken much notice of the area because it is just so common place for me.

Presently, I am enjoying staying at Fraser Suites,a very new hotel development that is, literally, two minutes walk from the radio station where I work. I’ve finished my shift and it is a glorious Perth day; sunny, warm, with the merest hint of a breeze to refresh us, and I am sitting on the 17th floor balcony of my suite overlooking East Perth, enjoying the fantastic view and realizing just how much open space there really is in East Perth.

I look directly over Queens Gardens, a former brick quarry that has been transformed into a delightful garden. The main feature of the garden is a pond upon which ducks and other species of water fowl make their home. I know the gardens well as I often walk through them on my way to work. When seen from above you can really appreciate the size of the gardens and the impressive layout. As I sit here relishing the view, a couple, with their family and friends gathered around, is getting married on a little spit of land which juts out into the pond, and it would be hard to think of a nicer place, or day, on which to exchange your vows.

Right next to Queens Gardens is the WACA, the Western Australia Cricket Association Ground. For cricket lovers, this is one of the world’s most famous grounds because of the speed of its pitch, which can make a ball bounce of the turf at tremendous velocity to become almost lethal, and occasionally unplayable for even the world’s best batsmen.

Today it’s the women’s turn to face the ferocious ball as a national women’s comp is being played, although they do look small from my lofty height, from here I can really appreciate the skill of the players and the pace of the ball.

Next to the WACA is Gloucester Park Harness Racing Course, which was lit up last night so I could enjoy the spectacle of night racing, and immediately beyond is the Swan River, a magnificent body of water which cuts its way through the city, spreading out into the broad Perth Water to perfectly frame such an attractive city.

From my perspective, the river snakes its way past the Crown Casino complex, veers into Claisebrook Cove then winds it’s way around Belmont Racecourse on its journey from the Darling Scarp.

My view over East Perth is so surprisingly delightful that I doubt I will ever take it for granted again.

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