Eat drink connect at Courtyard Marriott

Courtyard Marriott hotels have introduced a new food service called Bistro, which is gradually being rolled out to all hotels in the chain.  Its aim is to entice guests to eat casual meals inside the hotel instead of spending their food and beverage dollars elsewhere.

Using the theme of: Eat. Drink. Connect. The Bistros sport a casual lounge-like atmosphere, with chic couches and colourful throw pillows, curving countertops, communal tables with bright-coloured chairs, wooden floors, oversized rugs, modern lamp lighting, and big-screen TVs.

The idea is for guests to serve themselves an easy meal that can be eaten in the Bistro, or taken back to their rooms.

There are many easy-to-understand sections of the buffet, with each section having been given a trendy new name to appeal to gen Y’s and Gen X’s.  So, instead of a soup section they have “kettleworks”, deli sandwiches and burgers are “breadworks”, ribs and pizzas are now called “ovenworks”, the salads are “lettuceworks”, and the easy snack section is called (you guessed it!) “snackworks”. The menu also includes cocktails, wine, beer, and Starbucks coffee.

No doubt once you’ve finished your meal you either add the cost to your tab, or head over to “payworks”.

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