Explore the West Australian Kimberleys with Adventure Wild

The Kimberley region which occupies the top of Western Australia is a remarkable harsh but spectacularly attractive land which demands a great deal of organisation before venturing into its unforgiving terrain.

It is an ancient landscape that has never been conquered by humans; it is this resilience against any form of development that has kept the Kimberleys in pristine condition that has left it unchanged throughout eons.

The reasons why you need to prepare for a trip through the Kimberleys is because of its harsh climate, its poorly serviced roads and the enormous distances between communities that are tiny by any measure.

The climate is always hot, it is only the level of humidity which changes. The Kimberley has but two seasons: wet and dry. During the dry season, from about April through to October, the humidity is less because water is scarce, and the vegetation turns brown through thirst. In the wet, the vegetation is lush, the humidity is very high, the rains are heavy and most of the roads are impassable. Therefore, you need to know what you are doing when traversing the Kimberleys.

The safest way to see this fantastic piece of Australia is to take an organised tour, and one of the companies that knows the Kimberleys the best, and is fully equipped to take a coachload of visitors through the Kimberleys safely and in comfort is Adventure Wild.

Their purpose-built coaches are rugged enough to take on the worst of the Kimberley roads in the dry season (they don’t operate during the wet), yet are so sturdily built they offer both comfort and excellent vision for their passengers.

Adventure Wild have a couple of itineraries, but typical of their itineraries is the 7 day Broome to Kununurra tour which travels along the iconic Gibb River Road visiting places such as Windjana Gorge, Tunnel Creek, Bell Gorge, Home Valley Station, El Questro and Emma Gorge. This is the true heart of the Kimberleys, and passengers camp out to feel at one with this magnificent wilderness.

Although theirs are camping tours, with Adventure Wild you are not roughing it as camping is arranged at established campsites. Their purpose-built off-road coached carry a maximum of 16 passengers, and there are two staff who travel on each tour in order to make the trip as personable and as comfortable as they can.

Many foolhardy travellers find that taking their own vehicles through the Kimberleys can cause much damage, thanks to the rough terrain. Even travellers who do have their own off road vehicles and vans choose to travel with Adventure Wild because the cost of damaging a vehicle in such a remote location can be both very time consuming and extraordinarily expensive.
See the Kimberleys, it’s a magnificent place, but let the experts make the arrangements and do the work as it could ultimately save you a lot of money, and a lot more grief.

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