Fabulous Florianopolis

Brazil has a long coastline with beaches that can compete with anywhere else in the world.  Florianopolis is one of those coastal towns, and it’s something of a treasure.

The Capital of Santa Catarina State in Southern Brazil, Florianopolis has a reputation for offering the best quality of life in the whole of Brazil.  Located partly on the island of Santa Catarina and partly on the mainland, it has many gorgeous beaches, 42 in all, to entice the visitor who likes nothing better than to settle back and veg out.

Florianopolis attractions centre around the ocean, and with good reason. The flawless sands, the transparent turquoise waters and the predictable climate attracts surfers and divers like bees to honey!   As well as the surf breaks, there is some really good diving in the waters around the city.

Sand boarding is one of the new activities that is attracting fans.  Joaquina Beach, or Jocca as it is known to locals, is simply amazing for sand boarding.  Florianopolis’ natural makeup allows is an all year round activity. No bikinis, no wetsuits, no waves, no cold water, just plenty of sand in every bodily crevice, but it’s fun and much cheaper than snowboarding.

The hotels have a great laid back atmosphere that will surprise even the most hard to please travellers out there. To the North, the beaches offer a tranquil and rejuvenating vacation, whereas a central Florianopolis Brazil luxury hotel in the heart of the city can be vibrant and lively.

The high season is from November to April, when bookings are essential, but out of season the choice is all yours.

Being a coastal city, seafood is very good, and popular, in Florianopolis, but there are a fair number of restaurants of all types which cater to any taste.  And if you’ve ever had a Brazilian barbecue you’ll know that the meat dishes are both plentiful and delicious.

Florianopolis is a couple of hours flight from either Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro.  You can take a coach from either, but be prepared for a 10-12 hour drive.  As Brazil now has a couple of budget airlines offering domestic flights (TAM and GOL) in competition to the national airline Varig, it may work out better to fly.

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