Flightseeing Alaska

Talkeetna is a small Alaskan town about 115 miles North of Anchorage, and is ideally located for visitors to gain access to Denali National Park.

Given that the Park, and the Alaskan Alps are relatively remote, roads are sparse and distances vast, the good folk at Talkeetna Air Taxi, a small airline, have come up with the concept of flightseeing.

Flightseeing actually makes sense in an area with so many high mountains.  For instance, if you want to see North America’s highest peak, Mt. McKinley, within ten minutes of takeoff, you are soaring over the mountains impressive glaciers heading towards the summit.

Talkeetna Air Taxi has just the experience to take you flightseeing in Alaska, as the airline has been operating since 1947, and their pilots all have a lot of Alaskan experience, which is important in an area where the weather is prone to sudden change.

The airline has a number of different routes.  One of these is the Southface McKinley Tour, which features the great Gorge of the Ruth Glacier, mile high mountain walls, flying over a glacier that has ice 4,000 feet deep, cascading icefalls and blue meltwater pools.

The McKinley base Camp flight is longer, and includes the nearby peaks of Mt Hunter and Mt Foraker, the Southside Seven Glaciers and McKinley base Camp.

The National Park Service has awarded Talkeetna Air Taxi a concession for landing on the glaciers of Denali National Park, and a glacier landing adds about 30 minutes to each trip, but the McKinley glacier landings are well worth the cost due to the sheer scale of the landscape.

For that ultimate Alaskan alpine experience try a bit of flightseeing the Talkeetna way.

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