Flying in 3D

Flying could very well become worse in the near future.

No, it’s not because of new and ridiculous charges; not because the airlines want to add more seats to already packed fuselages; and it’s not because the airlines will make it so expensive to fly with luggage that the smell from people who haven’t changed their clothes in a millennia will permeate the plane.  Flying is going to get worse, because a few boffins are working on ways to introduce 3-D onto in-flight entertainment consoles.

Could you imagine the costs imposed on passengers to hire special 3-D glasses?  And if you choose not to pay for them, all you’ll see is a blur on the screen.  Even if you do pay out a fortune to hire the glasses, you can be sitting back enjoying the movie on the screen on the back of the seat in front of you, and the jerk that’s sitting there will decide that the climax of the film is exactly the right time to recline his seat, thereby moving your screen, and making the movie blurry, again!

Even if the seat in front isn’t reclined if you’re a big enough person, like me, your nose will be practically touching the screen anyway; so that all I’ll see is my nose in 3-D, which I can see in 3-D naturally.

A far better idea than 3-D on planes is what Jeststar, the budget subsidiary of Qantas, is doing.  Bear in mind, that Jetstar is a “no frills” airline, so that if you want entertainment you have to pay for it, but they will be the first airline in the world to hire out iPads as entertainment devices on their aircraft.

To me, that makes sense.  Firstly, the iPad is a lot cheaper for the airline to buy than to go to all the cost of installing entertainment systems in every seat.  Secondly, the user controls how they want to watch the movie or show or game, so that you can have it in your lap if you like, and if the jerk in front does recline his seat, it won’t impact on your viewing pleasure too much.  Also, you’ll be able to read newspapers and magazines of your choice, or, if they have internet access, chat, email, or have some control over how you spend your time. And, thirdly, if the jerk in the seat in front of you does recline his seat too far back you can bash him on the head with your iPad, just to remind him of what a thoughtless creep he really is.

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