Fostering a good drop in Melbourne

Australians like a cold beer on a hot day and, luckily for us, we get plenty of hot days.

Australia’s most famous beer is Fosters, which is brewed by Carlton and United Breweries.  You can get a cold Fosters just about anywhere in the world, with the possible exception of Australia.  Well, you can probably get Fosters in Australia, but it’s not a beer that Australians tend to drink when they’re in Australia.

But that’s not the point, because you can visit the home of Fosters, which is the Cartlon BrewHouse in Melbourne.

The Carlton BrewHouse is a unique venue rich in history and tradition. It is surrounded by the Abbotsford Brewery, a working site which until the early 90’s was the largest brewery in the southern hemisphere.

This purpose built event & tour facility showcases the brewery’s 100 year history of making your favourite beers. Memorabilia and interactive displays enhance the experience in the open plan, modern light filled space.

At the BrewHouse you learn how beer is made, and you get to taste and smell the raw ingredients that make up your favourite brew.

Once you’ve watched how the beer is made you can appreciate just how popular the amber liquid is as you ogle at over 1000 stubbies being bottled every minute.

The tour organise that watching this process really can cause a deep thirst, so the best part of the tour is at the end when you get to sample the various products.  Naturally, you have to be over 18 so it is legal for you to quench your thirst with a coldie.

The Carlton Brewhouse is located on the corner of Nelson & Thompson Streets in Abbotsford, Victoria.  To get there from the CBD, take the 109 tram in the Box Hill direction and alight at stop no. 22.

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