Four German Danube Towns

pssThe Danube is Europe’s second longest river, and one which, in season is crowded with cruise boats. Some of the most picturesque towns along the river are those that are located in Germany. Here are four of those towns you should visit:

A thousand year-old town that has a famous bridge which crosses the river, Donauworth is a former free imperial city which sheltered many an emperor during its tumultuous history. Although nearly razed to the ground in World War II, Donauworth has been beautifully restored. Its gothic town hall is a marvellous building and Imperial Street has been described as one of the most beautiful in Southern Germany. Donauworth lies on the Romantic Road and is within easy reach of the Altmühl valley, Ries, Kessel valley and the Augsburg Western Forests national park.


A German city with an Italian feel. Luckily, Regensburg survived World War II almost intact as it is one of the best examples of a medieval city in Germany. The fourth largest city in Bavaria, it is renowned as a university city, which may explain the fact that Regensburg has more pubs per square metre than any other town. Being situated near the confluence of the rivers Regen, Naab and Laaber with the river Danube, the cathedral city offers not only the cultural amenities and hospitality to be found in a large urban centre, but also opportunities for recreation and relaxation in the varied countryside of these river valleys.


Known as the `three rivers town’, Passau is a former Roman provincial town which sprouted up along the banks of the Danube, Inn and Ilz Rivers. Destroyed by fire in 1662 then rebuilt by Italian Baroque masters, who used the rubble and ruins to create today’s city skyline, which has a southern European flair. Passau’s St. Steven’s Cathedral, houses the world’s biggest catholic church organ which boasts 233 stops, 17,974 pipes and five individual organs. Passau is now dominated by large squares, romantic promenades, winding lanes and majestic bridges.


Known as the `town of towers’ over 8,000 years of history can be traced through Straubing. Some of the best places to see include the 14th century ducal palace, the Gäuboden museum with the world-famous ‘Roman treasure trove’, the Romanesque basilica of St. Peter, church of the Ursulines, basilica of St. Jacob with Moses window, the Carmelite church and the elongated Gothic town square with the five spires of the town’s tower.

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