Frankland River Wine Region

Alkoomi Winery

Frankland River is really the least accessible of Western Australia’s most highly regarded wine regions, being located about 360 kilometres from Perth via the small town of Boyup Brook, which is itself 114 kilometres distance from Frankland River.

In my opinion, Frankland River is the prettiest of the wine growing areas, simply because it seems to be hillier than other areas, so you can enjoy some fantastic views of the various wineries.

Apart from the wineries, the area also boasts productive farms, dense bushlands and, in season, stunning wildflowers.

Its Mediterranean climate combined with its height above sea level and the rich, loam soils allows the local winemakers to produce dazzling Shiraz, Chardonnay and Riesling wines.

Three of the wineries are scattered along, or just off, the Wingebellup Road.  Those wineries are Alkoomi Wines, Ferngrove and Bobtail Ridge.  Frankland Estate is located between Rocky Gully and Frankland.  Three of these wineries also have accommodation attached.  Alkoomi and Ferngrove have Chalets and Bobtail Ridge has a B&B. There’s also a caravan park for those who like camping or towing their own accommodation.

As one of the most distinctive viticulture areas in Australia, Frankland River’s flavour comes from the ironstone based gravel soils lining the river valleys and rolling hills. The first vines in the region were planted in 1967 but today the region has some 1,600 hectares under vine (making it one of the biggest wine regions in the state) supplying many wineries around the state and producing grapes for some of Australia’s most iconic wines.

Ferngrove Winery

The Frankland River Wine Region is an easy drive from Denmark, Albany or Mt. Barker, and can be done as a day’s outing when visiting those places.  It is also an quite accessible from Manjimup or Bridgetown, and is worthy of being included on any visit to the South West.

The wineries all have tasting rooms, and the hosts are very generous with both the samples and the information they give.  The wineries are slightly different from each other, and the Ferngrove tasting rooms being on the first floor so that you get some great views of the attractive vineyards and gardens.

As well as wineries, the area also boasts the biggest planting of olive trees in Western Australia and some large tree plantations too.  Apart from the wineries, you can follow the Frankland River Heritage Trail which allows you to learn something of the history of the area.

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