Fred and Ginger in Prague

Dancing House

Prague is the Capital and largest city of the Czech Republic, and has been a major city for 1100 years and was once the Capital of the Holy Roman Empire.

Prague appears to be a very traditional city, and most of its buildings are, in the main, very beautiful remnants of the Gothic and Renaissance eras, but there is one building in Prague that could be considered to be one of the world’s most unusual office buildings.

Called `The Dancing House’, it was actually designed, by architects Vlado Milunic and Frank Gehry to represent Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dancing, and was, at one time, called `The Fred and Ginger House’.

The architects achieved their aim, because the facade actually does look like a man and woman dancing, with the woman’s dress billowing out as she is twirled around by her partner.

Like most great buildings ‘The Dancing House’ caused much controversy and was the subject of a lot of public debate when it was first muted.  It was commissioned by the bank ING as its Czech Republic headquarters.  Work began in 1994, and after many design and engineering problems were solved, this stunning building was completed in 1996.

The building’s style is described as being an example of deconstructive architecture.  The building has a very curvy facade, which is quite striking and, despite the controversy surrounding its construction, ‘The Dancing House’ has now been commemorated on a Czech Republic coin.

The building is an office complex that is not open to the general public, however, there is one of Prague’s better restaurants located on the top floor for those who wish to pay top whack for good food.

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