Geneva Switzerland

Lake-GenevaGeneva in Switzerland is truly a worldly city, being headquarters for about two hundred international organisations.

Although a bureaucrats delight, Geneva still has a lot of charm, and a great many attractions.  Here are some of the places you should visit when in Geneva:

The Jet DÉau

Which roughly translates as a jet of water, but this is a very impressive jet of water.  It is the world’s tallest water fountain and provides a constant landmark for exploring the city.  The Jet truly dazzles visitors as it shoots water an amazing 140 metres into the sky.

Lake Geneva

Hard to miss, but certainly worth visiting.  Stroll the promenades around the lake and soak up the atmosphere. Take a dip at Bains de Paquis or just relax in one of the lakeside parks or cafes. For a unique perspective on the city, take a one or two hour boat cruise around the lake.

The Old Town

Switzerland’s biggest historical city is overlooked by St. Peter’s Cathedral, the centre of the Reformation movement. For more a more historical perspective, head to the Art and History Museum or the Maison Tavel – the oldest house in the city.

The United Nations and Red Cross Museum

A good combination is to tour the European Headquarters of the United Nations and the visit the Red Cross Museum which is just across the street. Be sure to take note of the many sculptures as you wander the grounds in between including the “Broken Chair” monument to land mine victims at Place des Nations.


Geneva’s very different sister town, its ‘Greenwich Village’. Meet its craftsmen, artists, and its personalities who contribute much to Carouge’s charm.  Modelled after Nice, France, relax in one of Carouge’s artsy cafes or hang around until after dark to party in one the neighbourhood’s famous jazz clubs.

Mont Saleve

A breathtaking experience no one should miss. Take the bus to the French border and ride up with the cable car to enjoy an extraordinary 360° view of the region.  A popular place for hiking.


This is where 10,000 physicists try to unlock the secrets of the universe and the Big Bang, plus try to find the so-called `God Particle’: Here you can enter a new dimension by visiting, free of charge, the “Universe of Particles Exhibition”.

Rue du Rhone Clock Shops

The Swiss are renowned for their watchmaking.  This is where you can find an amazing concentration of world famous watches and luxury brands.

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