Get lost in the Yallingup Maze Western Australia

Yallingup Maze

Yallingup, near Margaret River in Western Australia, is known for its caves and its great surf break, but I’ve also discovered that Yallingup is also a great place in which to lose yourself.

Yes, Yallingup also has more than its fair share of spas and luxurious accommodation where you really can get away from it all, but I happen to stumble upon the Yallingup Maze, and was quite taken by it.

It’s really no accident that I found the Maze, as it is right there, easy to see, on Caves Road, the main coastal thoroughfare between Dunsborough and Augusta.  Yallingup Maze is quite new.  It only opened in 2009, but since its opening it has become quite an attraction.

We went to the maze simply because it sold food and there didn’t seem to be much open in Yallingup Township.  

The maze itself is built of timber, and it has four tall towers that are all connected by corridors that make up the Maze.  The idea is that you move from Tower No. 1 to Tower No. 4 in sequence, which can be quite tricky when you have no idea where you are once inside the Maze.

Even if you aren’t really into mazes, it is worth visiting their cafe for the quality of the food.  I had a fantastic gourmet burger that was verging on the sensational, but it wasn’t just the food that will tempt me to return.  On every table are puzzles and games of all types, and they keep you enthralled.  Some puzzles look to be very simple, but are dastardly difficult to master.  When I visited, there were several small groups in the cafe, but the people didn’t sit together.  It wasn’t too busy, so each person sat at a separate table with their food and drink working on the various puzzles; it was simply a great way to spend some time.

As well as the maze, and the terrific cafe with its mind boggling puzzles, there is a gift shop, some really nice gardens where you are encouraged to picnic and a playground for the kids.

Take my tip, if you are visiting Margaret River or Dunsborough and you want a terrific time with a twist, visit Yallingup Maze and get lost in their games for a while.

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