Getaway to Jurien Bay


Jurien Bay

Heading up to Jurien Bay

The family and I recently went to Jurien Bay for a rest, but that didn’t really happen.

You see Jurien Bay is part of the Turquoise Coast, which is part of the Coral Coast of Western Australia.  It’s about 225 kms north of the capital Perth (depending on which route you take), you can do the drive easily in two and a half hours.

Jurien Bay is the largest of the small coastal towns between Lancelin and Dongara.  Most of these charming villages used to depend solely on the cray fishing industry for their survival.  Cray fishing is still very important, but other industries are now also represented, with many people retiring to these places in order to enjoy a superb life.

And the Bay was indeed superb, but I didn’t get much rest because we took our dog away with us and he likes to walk.  Jurien Bay has got the best coastal walk, so the dog and I got in lots of kilometres because it was just so pleasant.

Calm attractive waters

There is an offshore reef where the really big Indian Ocean waves break, so the water inside that reef are not only crystal clear and sparkling clean, but perfectly safe for swimming.  Also, very good for fishing.

One of the things I really loved about Jurien is that it has lots of parks and many of these parks offer direct access through buffer zones of natural vegetation to the beach.

There are also a couple of areas where you can take your vehicles onto the beach to set up for fishing.  You can tell that fishing is popular with the locals because just about every house has a boat parked in the drive.

Leap from a plane for best views

The views are fantastic, but I reckon they would be even better from 14,000 feet.

There’s a sky diving academy in Jurien Bay so when I wasn’t walking the dog I was sitting with my head cranked back watching tiny planes eject passengers and watching them drop for a whole minute before their parachutes opened and they flew controlled glides back down to Earth.

What a great sense of freedom that must give you.

Jurien Bay is the perfect place for a weekend away from Perth, or as a place to stay if you are doing a longer trip. The town has more facilities than those nearby, but is still very laid back, friendly and utterly gorgeous.

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