Getting around Perth Western Australia

Perth is the Capital of Western Australia, and with a population of 1.6 million (and growing rapidly) it is not a huge metropolis like Sydney or Melbourne, nor is it a hick town. The city centre is located close to the magnificent Swan River, making Perth a very pretty city. In fact, there is some stunning scenery around the river, and we get some awesome sunsets at all times of the year. Magnificent views can also be seen from Kings Park which overlooks Perth and the Swan and Canning Rivers. Perth is also fortunate in that it is well-planned, so is relatively easy to get around.

Given that Western Australia is such a huge place, it should come as no surprise that Perth, with its relatively small population, occupies a vast area. The metropolitan area is now 90 kilometres in length from South to North and 50 kilometres wide from East to West, giving a metropolitan area of 6,100 square kilometres resulting in a population density of just 262.3 people to the sq km, which is not much for a city. Yet, Perth continues to expand, which means that car ownership is very high in here because you often need to travel fair distances within the metropolitan area.

Fortunately, much of the land around the rivers and beaches is public land, making those areas very accessible.  Perth city is also very easy for visitors to see as it has a Central Area Transit (CAT) bus system that is completely free.  There are three routes, colour coded red, yellow and blue, which take passengers to various parts of the city, to travel on these CAT buses is a great way to get your bearings in Perth without spending any money.  These buses do get very crowded during peak periods, but outside of those times seats are normally readily available.  They also have free CAT services in the port city of Fremantle, and in the northern suburbs city of Joondalup.  Other public transport is also readily available as Perth is serviced by an efficient rail, bus and ferry service.  There are other services that cater specifically for tourists, including a tourist tram (which is really a bus made up to look like a tram), and an open-decked double decker bus. There are also many cruise and tour operators providing various itineraries for tourists.  Public transport from the airport is pretty pathetic, there is a public bus service from the domestic terminal, but if you arrive at the international terminal, your choice is limited to taxis or tourist transit bus services that operate between the airport and the main hotel areas.

Follow this link for the website To and From the for very detailed information about airport transfers.

This link will lead you to the Transperth website for bus and train timetables.

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  • Brian F

    I would like to hear an announcement regarding any local tourist attractions as the train approaches a station.
    You should see the pathetic responses that I received from advisers to the Tourism Minister and the Transport Minister when I suggested it. Perhaps I could have phrased my email a bit more diplomatically but I had been frustrated by Transperth’s response, “not enough memory on the train!”
    I know that London’s Underground advise passengers of Madam Tussauds and other places, and I believe that visitors to Hendon RAF Museum are actually advised to remain on the train until the next station.

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