Go Beyond Times Square and find the real New York

There is no argument that New York is a great city.  It ticks all the boxes: it’s culturally and socially exciting; a great financial centre; one of the best places ever to indulge yourself in theatre and art; food is varied, ethnically authentic or just plain old New York-style where you can order the best of everything from pizza to pretzels.  In short, New York is everything a major city should; glitzy, crowded, tall, vibrant.

Many visitors can find New York quite daunting, and most visitors never deviate from the tourist trail, but if you want to get to know New York, like a local knows New York, and possibly even better, then Beyond Times Square gives you the means to discover the real New York.

Beyond Times Square is a travel experience company which specialises in the five boroughs of New York City and the Lower Hudson Valley. They provide group and individual clients with unique and memorable experiences in a friendly and professional manner.   The folk at Beyond Times Square achieve this by listening to what clients want and by incorporating their wishes into travel programs.    

I admit that I am a traveller who likes to get off the beaten path a bit.  I’m the sort of person who leaves the official tour at an attraction to wander off on my own to see for myself.   Yes, in New York I do want to see the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building, et al, but I also want to find out about the locals.

Beyond Times Square have a couple of tours that I find really interesting.  For instance, A Bronx Tale tour looks promising because The Bronx still surprises even native New Yorkers. Most notably known for its world famous baseball team, it also has beaches, a New England fishing village, a globally recognised zoo, a botanical garden and countless historic sites.  Step into the Bronx and you will weave yourself into yet another thread of the fabric of New York.

Or there’s Subway 101, which is primarily aimed at students who are planning to study in New York, but which I think would be of general interest. This walking and subway tour includes many popular landmarks and neighbourhoods.  The escapade starts with stories of Lower Manhattan, then on to Battery Park, with vistas of Lady Liberty and Ellis Island. Next, jump on the subway to Greenwich Village to meet some “Friends.” Then its north for the energy of Times Square and a walk to the grandeur of Rockefeller Centre and the tour concludes with a stroll to Central Park, Manhattan’s backyard.

They have a few tours which introduce visitors to the food of New York.  One of these is called NYC Snack Attack which visits the first licensed pizzeria which was established in Manhattan in 1905. You try hotdogs which have been sold in the streets of the Lower East Side since the 1860’s. Besides tasting some favourite foods (and some strange ones), participants also explore the neighbourhoods of Midtown, Little Italy, Chinatown, Greenwich Village, and the Lower East Side.

If Beyond Times Square doesn’t have the tour for you, they do promise they will design one to suit your exact needs, and that’s what I call service New York style.

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