Grumpy’s Dark & Stormy Recipe

First of all – what is a Dark & Stormy?

It’s a drink, primarily Bundaberg Rum and ginger beer.

Why am I writing a blog about my recipe for a Dark & Stormy?

Because I was writing a blog about the Australian State of Queensland and when discussing the Queensland sugar industry I mentioned that it was my favourite drink, so though I should at least write out my recipe.

Well, are you going to write it?

Yes, here it is:

Dark & Stormy for one

Firstly, get a very big glass (I use a pint glass – but it does last me a [short] while)

Pour some ice into it (how much depends on how much you wish to dilute it by)

Next, pour about so much Bundaberg Rum onto the ice

How much is so much?

About two nips, I guess – I never measure, I just go by reckoning

Then add about half as much Jadran Green Ginger Wine

What is Jadran Green Ginger Wine?

Jadran is a small winery about 5 minutes from where I live, it’s located in Orange Grove, Western Australia, and I think that their Green Ginger Wine is the best that I have tasted – but I do appreciate that you probably don’t live 5 minutes from Jadran, so just choose a green ginger wine of your liking.

Back to the recipe:

Then fill up the glass with Cascade Ginger Beer.

Why Cascade Ginger Beer?

It’s my favourite and it interacts beautifully with the Bundaberg Rum and the Jadran Green Ginger Wine – but use whatever brand of ginger beer you like.

Once the glass is full, drink to your heart’s content. But responsibly, of course!

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