Hanging five around Crescent Head

You’ll find Crescent Head on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales, about 440 kilometres north of Sydney.

It’s one of those reasonably quiet holiday destinations that have been discovered by locals, and they don’t want anybody else to latch onto their secret.  In other words, Crescent Head is a little gem, and just the place if you want some peace and quiet.

Crescent Head is reasonably recent discovery too. The area was not settled until the 1950s, when its potential as a holiday destination was first recognised. Since the town lies at the very end of the road from Kempsey, only visitors who are well aware of its natural assets are inclined to visit, even today.

This small village fronts Killick Creek and the ocean, and is surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of Hat Head National Park.

Crescent Head is hemmed on the south by Goolawah Reserve and Limeburners Creek Nature Reserve. The nature reserves protect spectacular rock formations, beautiful beaches, heath lands and wetlands. Keep an eye out for sea eagles, echidnas, kangaroos and numerous small birds. North lies Hat Head National Park which stretches all the way to South West Rocks.

And as lovely as the reserves and national park are, they’re not the real reason why Crescent Head does attract those in the know.    

It’s because Crescent Head has the best swimming and fishing on the Mid North Coast.  Fishing and swimming are both popular at Killick Creek and Crescent Head main beach. You can also enjoy some really great spots for rock, beach, creek and deep sea fishing here at Crescent Head.

What sets Crescent Head apart from many North Coast beaches though is that it really is famous for its fantastic surfing beaches, and many visitors come to Crescent Head especially for the surfing, particularly for Malibu board riders. Crescent Head has one of the best right-hand point breaks in the world, and the town is one of the hot spots of international surfing.

The surfing beaches at Crescent Head include Main Beach, Back Beach, Goolawah Reserve Beach Big Hill, Delicate Nobby and Racecourse Beach.

Surfing, swimming, fishing, bushwalking, lazing – all worthwhile recreational pursuits, and all immeasurably available at Crescent Head.

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