Honeymoon South America


Ok, you’ve got the perfect wedding planned out. But what about the honeymoon? Although we all love a nice

pristine beach, we think your honeymoon should not only be nice – it should be spectacular. Seriously, why

spend your honeymoon on the beach when you could be stargazing in the world’s premier astronomical


We’re sharing with you some extraordinary destinations in South America that will beat any cliché (you’re

welcome). Take your relationship to the next level with these breathtaking holiday ideas:


1. Hike to Machu Picchu from lodge to lodge

Trek across magnificent snow-capped mountain passes until you reach the ruins that have made

South America famous. Explore the local heritage and take part in Inca traditions while sleeping in

top-notch, cozy mountain lodges along the trail. You can even renew your vows or get married Inca

style at an Inca ceremony in Peru!


2. Touch the stars in Uyuni Salt Flats and Atacama

Explore the endless white plains of salted distort perception, lagoons coloured in vivid green, blue and

red dot the landscape. Follow the adventure by travelling to the Atacama, the driest desert on Earth.

The views here are that of a Martian landscape (in fact, this is where planetary scientists tested the

early prototypes of their Mars rovers) and is considered by many as an astronomer’s paradise: 200

nights of clear skies, countless observatories and little pollution will allow you to be engulfed by the

night sky. Make the most out of your stay by enjoying the honeymoon package offered by Tierra


3. Lose yourself in the lushness of the Amazon

Climb the banks of the meandering Madre de Dios river, and enter another world. Wake to a

symphony of tropical birdsong; end your days by lantern light, falling asleep to the gentle night noise

of the Amazon rainforest. Exotic, yet accessible, Reserva Amazónica Lodge is situated in a private

reserve, surrounded by a vast Peruvian Rainforest. As Peru’s pioneer in nature travel and research,

Inkaterra provides an unforgettable introduction to this amazing realm of incomparable biodiversity.


4. Saviour Chile’s every corner

If you’re looking for luxury, these Relais & Châteaux properties will provide an unparalleled

experience: Rest in a charming all-inclusive adobe hotel in striking Atacama Desert, unwind in a

premium property nestled among the vines south of Santiago and awe at an enchanting Hacienda

surrounded by lakes and volcanoes in Northern Patagonia.


5. Walk through history in Ecuador’s Haciendas

Camino de las Haciendas will let you enjoy the best of Ecuador. Go on an eight day hike through the

Avenue of Volcanoes, where eight of Ecuador’s highest peaks impose striking scenery. The region also

has some of the country’s most beautiful and traditional haciendas, where history and culture blend

with delicious meals, outdoors activities (like horseback riding, biking and trekking) and luxurious

lodging. It is the perfect combination of exercise, nature, and comfort.


Seriously, is there a better way to start a story together than embarking on an epic journey worthy of tales?

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