How to go to Hell

If you’ve ever wanted to visit Hell you have several choices. There’s a village called Hell on Grand Cayman Island in the Caribbean.  There’s not much to this Hell, just a lot of black limestone formations and a few shops.  Some cruise shops do stop in Hell at various times, so if you do happen to book on one of these you can truthfully tell people that you’re going on a voyage to Hell.

There’s also a town called Hell in the U.S. State of Michigan.  Nobody really know how the town got its name, but rumour has it that when George Reeves, an original settler there was asked what the town should be called he supposedly said “You can call it Hell, for all I care”.  So they did.

Norway also has a village called Hell.  Population about 1500.  A former Miss Universe was born near Hell, so she promoted herself as The Beauty Queen from Hell.  It worked, as she sizzled past the competition.  In Norse mythology the God Hel was the ruler of the underworld.  Being situated in Norway, Hell can get quite cold, frequently reaching -20 centigrade below during winter, so it is true that Hell really does freeze over.

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