Hull England

hllAlthough it is generally called just Hull, the city, which is located in East Yorkshire, is actually called Kingston-Upon-Hull due to the fact that it is situated on the north bank of the Humber Estuary near the mouth of the Hull River 248 kilometres (154 miles) north of London.

Having to write out an address which includes Kingston-Upon-Hull, East Riding, Yorkshire, England is such a pain that the locals, and just about everyone else, just refer to the city as Hull and when you look at a map of the city it does look similar to the bottom of a boat.

The above comment is not meant as an insult because Hull does have a vibrant fishing history and is a seafaring town. The best place to get to know Hull is by visiting the Old Town. Here you can step aboard the Arctic Corsair which was built in 1960 at Beverley Shipyard for the Boyd Line, and was the last of the Hull side fishing vessels or ‘side winders’. She had a long and successful career despite the decline of the local fishing industry after 1975.

The Arctic Corsair also took part in the `Cod Wars’ which occurred between the UK and Iceland from the 1950s to the 1970s as a fight over dwindling cod stocks, thanks to over fishing when the Arctic Corsair was rammed by an Icelandic gun boat.

There are eight free museums to visit in the Old Town. One of these is the Streetlife Museum where you can experience 200 years of transport history. There are five galleries within the museum which document the development of bicycles, cars, carriages, railways and shops.

The Hull and East Riding Museum introduces you to 235 million years of local history, documenting everything local from mammoths to man. Here you can walk through an Iron Age village, or experience a Roman bath house, or re-live the terror imposed by Saxon and Viking invaders.

One of the great heroes of Hull was the politician William Wilberforce, who is credited with ending slavery in Britain, and thus also ending the trans-Atlantic slave trade. You can visit his birthplace at Wilberforce House. The permanent displays at Wilberforce House include journals and items that belonged to William Wilberforce, including original costume. There are many significant items linked to slavery and the campaign to abolish it.

In the Old Town you walk down cobblestoned streets and get some idea of how Hull has flourished over the years. Because it is a reasonably small town, you don’t get overwhelmed by the sheer size of it all, but can enjoy the town, and its many amenities, at any pace you choose.

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