Iceland Waterfalls

wtrfllsBecause it is a country which encounters some very aggressive seismic and volcanic activity it should not be surprising that Iceland has some extraordinary landscapes.  One natural attraction that Iceland does have in abundance in waterfalls.  This tiny country is almost awash with waterfalls, some of which are among the most impressive in the world.  If you love visiting waterfalls, then Iceland is probably unbeatable for the number that are easily accessible.

Here is a short guide to some of the better known of Iceland’s waterfalls:

Gullfoss: Translated as “Golden Falls” these falls have two distinct drops in succession at right angles to each other while spanning the entire width of the Hvítá River. The upper drop has a height of 11m while the lower drop is 21m for a total cumulative drop of 32m. The lower drop falls into a narrow gorge which creates the illusion of plunging into an abyss.

Dettifoss: has an enormous flow of about 500 cubic metres per second during peak season, with a height of 44m and width of 100m wide it is very impressive.  The product of melting glaciers, Dettifloss is utterly spectacular, particularly as its powerful descent is part of the impressive Jökulsárgljúfur Canyon.

Skogafoss: Perhaps Iceland’s most attractive waterfall the classically-shaped rectangular waterfall drops from a height of 60m with a width of 25m, and is best seen from its base.  You get great views of the falls from the approach road, and for an appreciation of its height the top of the falls is easily accessible.

Dynjandi: Also known as Fjallfoss meaning “Mountain Falls” this is a cascading falls in the remote Westfjords which has a drop of 100m.  With seven distinct tiers it is very attractive, but difficult to reach.

Haifoss: With a drop of 122m is the second highest falls in Iceland, but what is most interesting about these falls is that it has a close neighbour called Granni, which can both be seen together, especially when in full flow.  Both falls flow into a deep chasm on the Fossa River.

Godafoss: What is may lack in height, it more than males up for in width. With a drop of just 12m, it is a typical horseshoe falls, and so a very picturesque place to visit.

Seljalandsfoss: A 60m falls which drops over a ledge which allows the water to fall well out from the cliff face.  It has a path which takes you behind the falls for a totally different aspect to the other popular falls in Iceland.

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