Iconic eating in New York

You’re in New York and you have to eat.  You could try any of the cities fabulous restaurants, but for that true New York experience, perhaps you should try eating where the locals do.

First up, try that true American institution the hot dog.  Hot dogs were invented at Coney Island, which is famous for its fun park.  New York’s oldest hot doggery is Nathan’s – the original store was opened in 1916, and is still going strong today.  Nathan’s now has many franchises, but the original restaurant is still at 1310 Surf St, Brooklyn.  To get there, take the subway to Stillwell Ave, Coney Island, which is the terminus for that line, and it’s practically across the road.

Everyone in New York eats pizza, but the restaurant which claims to have introduced pizza to New Yorkers is Lombardi’s, which opened its doors in 1905.  It’s what you’d expect of the perfect pizzeria: checked table cloths, black and white photos on the walls.  Lombardi’s coal-fired pizza ovens are said to cook the crispiest bases in New York, and it must be good because you sometimes have to line up for an hour just to get in.  Located at 32 Springs Street, the nearest subway is no.6 line at Spring & Lafayette  Streets.

Every time I see a movie about New York someone goes into a deli to order pastrami on rye, or a corned beef sandwich.  Katz’s New York Deli is so famous it even featured in one of Hollywood’s most famous scenes.  Remember the orgasm scene from When Harry Met Sally? That scene was filmed in Katz’s, renowned as one of New York’s finest delis.  Yep, I’ll have some of what she’s having.  Take the subway to Lower East Side 2nd Ave.

Finally, you just have to try a diner.  Many of the original diners have disappeared over the years, but Ellen’s Stardust Diner  nicely recreates the 1950s diner experience, complete with singing wait staff and 1950s videos shown on original 1950s TVs. Chilli, burgers, jumbo sandwiches, is all available at Ellen’s right on Broadway and corner of 51st St.

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