Incredible photos of Australian floods

Australians are used to harsh and sometimes extreme weather conditions.  On the east coast of Australia, particularly in the states of New South Wales and Queensland that have been floods that cover an area greater than France and Germany combined.  There have also recently been floods in Victoria and in Western Australia near the town of Carnarvon.  Victorians have been recovering from bush fires which devastated parts of that state just two years ago.  Meanwhile parts of Western Australia, particularly around the capital Perth, are experiencing heat wave conditions and bush fires.  Just prior to Christmas parts of the Australian Alps suffered from unseasonal cold and had record snowfalls, which is very unusual at this time of year as it is Summer.

Facing these catastrophes is all part of living in Australia, and Aussies face these obstacles with much resilience.

To prove what constitutes the Aussie spirit, just follow this link from the website it perfectly illustrates the Australian resolve to survive all that mother nature can throw at us, and rebuild to face it again sometime in the future.

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