Indian Ocean Drive opens up Coral Coast

The Pinnacles, Nambung National Park

West Australia has a magnificent coastline, and one part of that is about to become more accessible for motorists.

The Indian Ocean Drive, which will follow the coast from the town of Lancelin to fishing and tourist village Cervantes. It will open a more direct and shorter route to Nambung National Park, the location of The Pinnacles, a remarkable area where thousands of spires jut out of the ground creating an alien environment.

The new road will also give much better access to Wedge Island, a popular fishing and cray fishing spot which used to only be accessible by an almost 30 kilometre drive along the beach, a drive that was renowned for its vehicle-wrecking abilities due the sudden erosion of the beach from wave action.

It is estimated that the new road will cut 30 minutes off the drive from Perth to Jurien Bay, which is fast being transformed from a relatively remote fishing village into a quite busy tourist resort.  In fact, Dandaragan Shire Council, the local government authority, is considering an application for a ten-storey tourist resort to be built in Jurien Bay.

The area from Lancelin, which is just 127 kilometres North of Perth to Exmouth, which at 1270 kilometres is ten times the distance from Perth, is known as the Coral Coast and features some of Western Australia’s most stunning coastal regions.

Whilst many international and interstate travellers will be tempted to use the new road, the majority of users will be West Australians.  Each year tens of thousands of Perth residents head south to places like Busselton, Dunsborough and Margaret River for their holidays, but Coral Coast tourism operators hope that the new road will entice many of those holiday makers to turn around and to head north for a change.

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