IndiGo goes places in India

Parts of this story was originally published by ETurbo News:

India’s largest low-cost airline IndiGo has replaced the state-owned Air India as No 3 carrier in terms of market share in the domestic market in November, the air traffic data released by the Directorate General of Civil aviation (DGCA) has showed.

IndiGo now commands 17.3% share in the domestic market as compared to 17.1% by the public sector’s Air India. The budget airline carried 8.43 lakh passengers during this month as against 8.36 lakh air travelers flown by the full-service Air India.

With its fleet of 31 Airbus A320 aircraft, IndiGo operates 207 daily flights connecting 22 destinations including all the metro cities and smaller towns such as Agartala,Goa, Guwahati, Dibrugarh, Patna, Pune, Srinagar and Vadodara.

IndiGo is a bit of a rarity, an Indian airline which gets reasonable good customer reviews.  It is a budget airline and one complaint made by passengers is that seating is very tight.  However, from the reviews that I have read, it appears that the aircraft are clean and staff pleasant and friendly.

Perhaps there are the reasons why Indigo is getting more popular and attracting new passengers.

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