Is it ok to end karaoke on cruise ships?

I’ve just been reading an article about Norwegian Lines’ new so-called mega cruiser Norwegian Epic.  Why is it called a mega cruiser?  Because it can carry 4,100 passengers, and it is, apparently, the largest Norwegian vessel ever built.  Sadly, a furore has developed because the Norwegian Epic has all sorts of entertainment, except for a karaoke bar.  Apparently, research showed that the sound of drunks wailing off key late at night tends to waft over the seas and annoy the hell out of those passengers who were trying to sleep.

Here’s a little information about the Norwegian Epic, a ship that has just completed its maiden voyage.  It weighs 153,000 tonnes, is 329.5 metres (1,080 ft) in length, which, if it was made to stand on one end, would make it taller than the Eiffel Tower, and it has 19 decks – so how could anyone possibly get lost?  There must be someone who doesn’t like the ship though, because there have been at least two fires on board which are suspected of being the work of arsonists.

Interestingly, although the Norwegian Epic doesn’t have a karaoke bar it does have a climbing wall. Is it safe to climb vertical walls in rough seas, I wonder?  Perhaps the sound of people falling to their deaths is better is better than the sound of intoxicated swan song.

Cruise ships are getting bigger because more people are cruising each year than ever before.  Over 10,000,000 Americans cruise annually, as do about 5,000,000 Europeans, then there’s those from the rest of the world who perhaps don’t get counted quite as often.

One other trend is that large cruise ships won’t be able to cruise Antarctic waters because of the type of fuel that they use.  From now on, only ships that have diesel as their fuel can cruise Antarctica, so this pretty much means that only smaller ships can go there.  I’m all in favour of that, could you imagine how much damage a ship the size of the Norwegian Epic would do to an iceberg if it ran into one?  Unlike with the Titanic, I reckon the iceberg would come off second best.

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  • I’m going on an Alaskan Cruise tomorrow. I’d like to use some of this information on my blog if you don’t mind, and I’ll provide a link back to your site.

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