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KannaCurryYou sometimes have a food experience which is beyond good, and this happened to me at the Kanna Curry House in Petaling Jaya, near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

It is a curry leaf restaurant, in which you eat your meal off a curry leaf.

Because Malaysia has some very strict standards regarding the provision of food, they no longer use real banana leaves, but plastic, washable leaves which still do the job.

Service is extraordinarily quick.  Almost as soon as you sit down, the fake leaves are set in front of you, and a gentleman dishes three sorts of vegetables onto your leaf.

I was served a type of finely sliced, cooked cabbage with cumin seeds, a cucumber raita and curried potato.  You then help yourself to the protein dishes, in this case it was deep fried fish and Vindaloo Chicken.

These were served dry, as the gravies are served separately.  The fish gravy had a bit of chilli heat to eat, and the chicken gravy was quite mild.  Both were absolutely delicious.  You are also served rice and dhal and heaps of pappadums too.

You have a choice of either eating with your fingers, or of using a fork.  I opted for a fork, for no other reason than that is what I am used to.

The Kanna Curry House has a good local reputation, and although I was there for a relatively late lunch, the restaurant had a large number of diners enjoying their meals.

I was told that the restaurant gets particularly busy at night, and that you often have to queue in order to be seated.

They have a very busy kitchen with many chefs preparing a large variety of meals.

Wait staff were also busy, but the restaurant was spotlessly clean so I had no issue whatsoever with hygiene.

The meal good for a number of reasons, obviously the flavours are its major attraction.

Each component of the meal had a mild, but distinct, flavour so that no dish entirely overwhelmed everything else.  The fish gravy was a little spicy, but was very bearable.  The mixture of flavours was excellent, and the many textures of the various elements were delightful.

For those new to Kuala Lumpur the restaurant could be quite difficult to find.  It is located at Jalan 17/45 Seksen 17 in Petaling Jaya, which, outside of peak hours, was about a 20 minute drive from KL Sentral.

I just love the food of Malaysia, but the Kanna Curry House was definitely one of the best dining experiences that I have had in and around Kuala Lumpur.

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