Kuala Lumpur’s new low cost terminal

You can tell how tourism is doing in a country by the number of airports under construction.

Tourism in Malaysia must be booming as they have just started work on a new Low Cost Terminal at Kuala Lumpur’s airport.  They already have a very good, and large, Low Cost Carrier Terminal, but the number of Asian low cost airlines has expanded with Malaysia’s own Air Asia being one of the world’s fastest-growing airlines.

In fact, Air Asia is growing so rapidly that it has already outliveds the present Low Cost Carrier Terminal at Kuala Lumpur, which is just a few years old.

The new terminal is much closer to KL’s modern main terminal, being about a two-minute drive away instead of the ten minutes it takes to get from the old LCCT.  Also the new terminal will be able to process about 30 million passengers annually, meaning that Kuala Lumpur will become one of South East Asia’s busiest aviation hubs.

Air Asia already offers some of aviation’s cheapest fares across a network that ranges from London to Melbourne East-West, and Tianjin and Melbourne North-South.  Having flown Air Asia on several occasions I believe it to be one of the better low cost airlines, and if it continues to offer the quality of service with such cheap fares then flying within Asia can only get better.

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