Latest aircraft news for A380 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Here’s a couple of news stories from one of my favourite aviation sites Aviation International News.

The stories concern two of the world’s most advanced aircraft, the world’s largest passenger aircraft the Airbus A380, and the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which is made of composite materials that make it lighter, more efficient, quieter and is able to use far less fuel than conventional aircraft:

Airbus Delivers This Year’s 10th A380

By: Gregory Polek

July 16, 2010

Airbus delivered Singapore Airlines’ 11th A380 and Lufthansa’s second A380 today, raising the number of airplanes in the in-service fleet to 33. The deliveries raise Airbus’s A380 deliveries this year to 10, placing it “well on track,” according to the company, to meet its full-year target of at least 20.

Apart from Singapore Airlines and Lufthansa, Emirates Airline flies a fleet of 11 A380s, Air France has taken three and Qantas operates six. Together the five A380 operators serve 18 major cities worldwide every day. The 31 A380s in service to date have clocked 156,000 revenue flight hours during some 17,000 commercial flights and transported more than six million passengers to 20 major international destinations.

Airbus has received orders for 234 A380s from 17 customers.


Boeing To Accelerate Delivery of Qantas 787s

By: Gregory Polek

July 14, 2010

Australia’s Qantas has reached a new agreement with Boeing to advance delivery of the first of eight 787-8s it has on order to mid-2012, some two years earlier than last planned. Qantas plans to use the airplanes to expand the international route network of its Jetstar low-fare subsidiary, which expects the airplanes to arrive in a two-class, 313-seat cabin configuration.

While Jetstar takes delivery of the new Dreamliners, it plans to transfer its Airbus A330-200s to Qantas, which in turn plans to retire its aging Boeing 767-300ERs. Plans call for the last seven 787-8s, along with 35 larger 787-9s, to begin arriving in 2014.

Jetstar plans to use the 787-8s to add destinations in Southern Europe and build its Asian network.

Qantas, Boeing’s second-largest Dreamliner customer, in June last year cancelled orders for fifteen 787-9s and deferred delivery of fifteen 787-8s by four years. At the time, Qantas announced a decision to scrap plans to send all the 787-8s to Jetstar by mid-2010 and, rather, wait until 2014 for the deliveries and assign the airplanes to Qantas’s domestic operation. This latest announcement partially reverses that decision.

Qantas last year also delayed delivery of four Airbus A380s for up to a year and 12 Boeing 737-800s for about 14 months.

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