Let a local show you a piece of their world

There can be no doubt that interested locals know their area, no matter where it may be, better than anyone.  When you live in a place, you really know what is going on, and you know the best places to go, be that for sightseeing, shopping, entertainment, meals or culture.

That’s why Tripbod is a great idea.  It allows you to help plan your trip in conjunction with a hand-picked, trust local who knows your chosen destination well.

There is a fee for this service, and that varies depending on the length of your trip. The benefits include unlimited online contact with your local expert, who will help you to plane your itinerary.

According to Tripbod: “As a customer you can use the service to get the absolute maximum out of the valuable local experience and knowledge that our hand-picked Tripbods hold. We provide the secure platform – it’s up to you to ask as many questions as you like to get all the answers you need.”

Tripbod was launched in 2009, so it is a relevantly new service.

Also, your Tripbod local is not a guide.  The service is an online service only, which is to help you with your planning and to help you make decisions about your itinerary based on the local knowledge that you get from your Tripbod local. Making contact through a local does not mean that you will meet them in person, although if you bond, it may be possible to meet up.  Tripbod is a professional service, not a social network.

I haven’t tried Tripbod, so can’t make a personal recommendation, but I do like the concept of having locals advise visitors as to the best things to do in their local area.  Also, such local knowledge regarding weather, transport, events, accommodation and meals is a valuable resource that most visitors can’t get from a guide book – for one thing, guide books are usually out of date by the time they are published, whereas locals are never out of date.

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