Life without luggage

I have to admit, I’m one person who likes to travel light.  I have a pet aversion to carrying heavy bags, and I never feel the need to take my complete wardrobe with me when I travel.  I take what I think I’ll need.  If it’s a business trip I include a suite, business shirts and ties, but if I’m travelling for leisure I pack for the climate.  As I prefer warm places to cold places, that means I can usually travel very light indeed.

However, when I travel I do take some luggage with me, which is why I am amazed that adventurer Rolf Potts is attempting to travel around the world without luggage.  According to his rules, he is not allowed to take a bag with him on his travels, be it a suitcase, backpack or even a bum bag.  Rolf is spending 42 days travelling through 12 countries on 5 continents, and he’s doing it all without luggage.

Part of the reason Rolf has accepted this challenge is as a protest against the current trend for airlines to charge for luggage and, especially in America, to charge for hand luggage.  Rolf has worked out that he can get by just in what he wears.

There is one slight catch, and that is that Rolf is being sponsored by Scottvest, which I have written about before.  Scottvest is a coat of many pockets, which allows you to stow a whole range of stuff: clothes, underwear, toiletries, documents and electronic gear in its many pockets.  It beats the airlines “pay-for-luggage-policies” because it is worn, not carried.

If you want to follow Rolf’s journey as he wends his way around the world, you can do so, just by going to his blog.

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