Lights Off in Darwin


Saturday night in Darwin.

The Darwin Festival is in full swing, and thousands pack the waterfront to watch a performance of Vietnamese water puppets.

All the bars and restaurants are full, and it is just a little after 8pm.

So, we decide to walk out to Darwin’s Stokes Wharf, where there are various restaurants and food booths.

It is a typical Dry Season night, warm and a little balmy, but not uncomfortable, and just perfect for being outdoors.

There is a slight breeze on the wharf, and all the tables are full of patrons enjoying good food and company.

We spot a table and claim it, then go off to order our meals.  By now the time is 8.p30p, and by the time we get our food, which is Asian, so really quick to cook, it is a 8.35.

Sitting down, enjoying our food and the ambience.

Workers are packing up some of the tables and chairs, but we think nothing of it.

At precisely 8.40pm some inconsiderate yob switches off the lights, so we are forced to sit and eat in darkness.

This is 8.40pm on a Saturday night when the Darwin Festival is in full swing, with thousands of potential customers looking for food!

We have only just been served our food, and these thoughtless, petulant, brain-dead people have switched off the lights just after customers have just sat down to eat!

My son, who lives in Darwin did warn us that everything seems to close early up here, but to turn the lights off on customers who have just been served is ignorant, and actually quite hostile.

It wasn’t as if we were the last ones to be served as others ordered after us.

I couldn’t help wondering what sort of a mindset business people have when they totally disrespect the customers like that?

I do love Darwin .  I like to visit at least once a year, and it is a fantastic destination.

All too often, though, this sort of thing happens.  Darwinians seem to have little concept of customer service.

It happened at the motel in which I stayed on my previous visit to Darwin.  Staff forgot to clean our room two days in a row!

How can that happen in a city which is trying to attract tourists?

Darwin, get your act together!  If you want visitors to come to Darwin to thoroughly enjoy your attractions, then at least try to make that experience as pleasant as possible.

It is no use upsetting customers by turning out the lights just after they’ em been served their meals! If you want to close at a particular time, then stop selling food well before closing time so customers can get the hint and go and dine with your competitors.

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1 comment to Lights Off in Darwin

  • Methinky

    I think you’ve hit the nail on the head, Grumpy – they dont want people to come to Darwin, they just want your money. Locals hate it too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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