Liverpool favours the Fab Four

They were the biggest group of all time, four moptops from Liverpool who went on to revolutionise music.  If you weren’t there in the early sixties, you probably have no real idea of the impact The Beatles had on music.  The dominated music charts all over the world, and with their albums and films, they changed attitudes and created new approaches to music, art, cinema and fashion.

It was The Beatles who put Liverpool on the map, and who paved the way from other Liverpudlian musicians, and English artists generally, to take the music world by storm.

Today, the exploits of The Beatles are still celebrated in their hometown of Liverpool, and they are even remembered by such austere organisations as the National Trust.

Indeed, the National Trust looks after two suburban houses in Merseyside, 20 Forthlin Road and Mendips. These unassuming houses are the childhood homes of two Beatles, Sir Paul McCartney and John Lennon. It is just as well that John and Paul’s childhood homes are preserved, for Ringo’s childhood home is to be destroyed to make way for a development.

John Lennon lived at Mendips, in the suburb of Woolton, with his Aunt Mimi and Uncle George. This is where his passion for music began and where some of his early songs were written.  It is a distinctly nice home in a good area of Liverpool, belying the fact that John had been given up by his parents, and could have lived in far worse surroundings.  The McCartney family home, at 20 Forthlin Rd, Allerton, is where the Beatles met, rehearsed and wrote many of their earliest songs. It too is middle class as Paul’s father had a good job. As well as keeping the house as it would have looked in the 60s this house has displays which include early Beatles memorabilia.     

The National Trust runs four tours a day except for the winter months.

There are other Beatles Tours of Liverpool, place a recreation of The Cavern, the Mathews Street club where the boys used to play.  Liverpool also boasts a Hard Day’s Night Hotel, and there is a Beatles Story Exhibition Centre, but for my mind the greatest tribute is that Liverpool Airport is named after John Lennon – very fitting for one genius who spent a bit of his time being high.

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