Long live the Man in Seat Sixty-One

I have a little confession to make.  I like trains. I was lucky enough to be born in an age when steam trains were still running, and these belching behemoths came alive for me.  I still believe that the steam locomotive is the closest man has come to building a living thing.  It’s the sound, the smell, the sheer exertion when they are working hard, the way a steam loco rocks from side to side.  You can tell when a steam loco is hard at work, and I just loved riding them when I was a kid.  That interest in the steam locomotive, led to a love of rail travel, and I will still choose a long journey overland by rail over a flight if I have the time.

Which leads me to one of my favourite websites – the Man in Seat Sixty-One.

This is a website that is dedicated to all things rail, and the information contained on the site will get you anywhere you want to go in the world that has a railway.  It is a wonderful trove of facts, fares, tips, routes, timetables and experiences.  If you ever need to know anything about rail travel in any part of the world the Man in Seat Sixty-One is a must.

I’m not the only one who loves the Man in Seat Sixty-One.  He’s twice been voted as having the Best Travel Site at the Wanderlust Awards, and was named Best Travel Website at the Guardian and Observer Travel Awards in 2008.   Plus, he has a whole swag of other gongs as well – and deservedly so!

The Man in Seat Sixty-One is Englishman Mark Smith who, surprise, surprise, is a professional railwayman.  And why does he call himself the man in seat sixty-one?  Well, that’s his favourite seat on Eurostar.

Mark’s hobby has turned into a full time job, and good on him.  His advice and knowledge is invaluable, and he offers his advice freely.

If you don’t mind me paraphrasing an AC/DC song to the man who gave us the Man in Seat Sixty-One I salute you!

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  • Well said. Where would we be without the Man in Seat 61? the site that’s launched a thousand trips. Forever stuck on a boring budget flight I guess. Good to find you and thanks for the comment on linkedin. Cheers, Jools 🙂
    P.S Do like your avatar pic!

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