Looking for a job? Consider aviation

If you’re planning your future career, and you don’t mind working with aircraft, aviation may just be the perfect career.

According to Boeing the airline industry is growing so rapidly that airlines are going to have to employ 23,000 pilots per year for the next 20 years.  As well as the pilots, the airlines will need about 30,000 mechanics and technicians each year for the next two decades.

Which means that if there’s going to be a lot more planes in the air, there will need to be many more cabin crew, airline support staff, airport workers, cargo loads will increase so there’ll be more personnel needed to handle all that.

That should mean a flow on to hotels, restaurants, taxis and tourism providers.

This brilliant news is mired by the revelation that US airlines are shedding staff by an average of 250 people per week.  Then again, the growth in air travel is really taking place in Asia and the Middle East, with some growth also in Europe.  The Global Financial Crisis seems to have affecting North American travel worse than in other parts of the world.

It has just been announced that German airline Lufthansa has just put an order in to Airbus for 40 new aircraft, a sale that s values at US$4.3 billion.   This is in addition to a backlog of 36 Airbus planes, of various types, they are still waiting to receive, which would increase their Airbus fleet to 303 aircraft.  Obviously, Lufthansa can also see a great future for air travel.

So, it appears that if you’re in the right place, and you have the right qualifications, the sky is the limit for your career.

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