Lost your luggage? Trace it with Trace Me!

Here’s a statistic that stunned me when I read it – airlines lose 3,000 pieces of luggage every hour of every day.  That equates to over 35 million pieces of luggage going missing every year, of which 6 million pieces are never located.

I’m a bit of a gadget person, I quite like using the latest technology, and I have discovered one gadget that could ensure that your luggage is never lost.

Called Trace Me, it’s a credit card-sized tag which carries a unique serial number and barcode which is attached to each piece of luggage.  As soon as the baggage handler scans the barcode or enters the serial number an SMS text and email are automatically sent to the owner, so they know precisely where their luggage is.

The Trace Me Luggage Tracker Tag is a lost luggage identification system, protecting the passenger’s identity as well as their possessions. It can be fastened to any bag or case; it carries no personal information about the owner.

Additionally, the Trace Me Tag is the only luggage identifier integrated into Immobilise.com – the world’s largest property ownership data base used by both the general public, businesses and government. With over 23 million registered users, Immobilise is used by law enforcement agencies, insurance companies and lost property organisations across the world and has a proven track record of reuniting lost or stolen property with its rightful owner.

The way that the airline luggage systems works now is that the airline check-in agents place a paper tag on your luggage.  This paper tag is only designed to match your suitcase to your travel details.  So, if the wrong tag is attached, your luggage could end up going to a different destination to you. Each airline has to re-cycle these numbers in as little as a few days. In the millions of cases when that paper tag is lost or damaged, the luggage becomes untraceable and much of it ends up at auction, exposing the traveller to the risk of identity theft.

What I like about Trace Me is that it has been independently tested by the US magazine Budget Travel. They put the Trace Me service to the test alongside two other baggage identifying services. Luggage was labelled using the tags then deliberately “lost‟ by each of the magazine’s testers in three different places which passengers frequent: an airline, baggage carousel and a New York taxi. Based on Budget Travel Magazines findings, they selected Trace Me as their top choice.

If you’ve ever lost your luggage, even if it is eventually returned, you know just how frustrating that can be.  If your luggage is permanently lost, it can be devastating.  Trace Me goes some way towards protecting both your luggage and your identification, and the fact that your luggage tells you where it is goes a long way to reuniting you with your possessions.

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