Lovina Beach off the beaten track in Bali

Lovina Beach

Lovina Beach is located on the North West coast of Bali, close to Bali’s second largest city of Singaraja.  It’s a 12km stretch of beach on which you will find several resorts.

Lovina is best known for its black sand beaches.  The sand is not dirty, it is simply volcanic.  Lovina is a long way from the main tourist area around Kuta, so it is a lot quieter, and is a place where people who want to escape the hustle and bustle of Kuta escape for a bit of relaxation.

Even though Lovina is a lot quieter than Kuta, there are still things to do there.  There are a number of villages in the Lovina area, the largest of which is Kalibukbuk.  This village has a number of hotels, cafes, bars and restaurants which cater to the needs of tourists.  Even though there is some nightlife in Lovina, it is a laid back type of entertainment, and far more casual than you will find at Kuta.

Kalibukbuk also has a number of dive shops, as diving and snorkeling is quite popular off Lovina, but it is better to get out in the mornings.  There are a couple of dive operators who take keen divers out to places like Menjangan Island, Tulamben and Amed.

Lovina is also well known as being a haven for dolphins, and many people go out on dolphin tours, although sighting them is not guaranteed.

The Air Banjar Hot Springs are close to Lovina.  There is a small entrance fee, but many people do find the springs to be very relaxing.

Transplanting trees Lovina-style

The best way to get to Lovina is by bus, and the easiest route is to go straight through the centre of Bali, via the town of Bedugul.  Assuming that you straight to Lovina without stopping, the trip takes about 3 hours.  Another way to get to Lovina is to hire a car and driver and go on a scenic tour, via Kintamani and Lake Batur, or via Bedugul, which is a very interesting town that is a popular holiday destination for Balinese, and Munduk where you can see lakes, temples and terraced gardens.

Once you get to Lovina there is some more localised sightseeing as there are temples, waterfalls and great natural attractions nearby.  Singaraja is fairly close, but it does not cater for tourists, which means that shopping there is quite reasonable.  Most people visit Lovina for the beach, and the lovely sunsets.  It is a place where you can getaway from the crowds and relax.  So if you are wanting to slow down, Lovina is the perfect place for you.

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