Luxury Lunch at Dog Chain Creek in the Kimberley

I recall the Perry Como song Magic Moments which was about the memories you have of small, but significant, moments from the past. I have a magic moment each time I think of Dog Chain Creek in the Kimberly region of Western Australia.

I was on a 12-day tour of the Kimberley with the Broome outback tour company Adventure Wild. Rory Dreyer, the owner of Adventure Wild and a very experienced Kimberley explorer, was taking us along the Gibb River Road. We were heading east, towards Kununurra.

We always stopped for lunch, which was a sandwich, or similar, and Rory would try to find somewhere that was near water or afforded us great views so the we felt the full impact of the Kimberley environment as we enjoyed our lunch.

It was day two of our trip, and we were headed towards Bell Gorge, when Rory turned off the road at a place called Dog Chain Creek. There were some people stopped just at the turnoff, so we did a bit of bush bashing and drove further along the creek, until we found a place that was suitable to set up for lunch.

Nobody was taking much interest in the creek as we all helped to set up for lunch. It was a process which involved a fair bit of unloading from the trailer we pulled behind the coach. But there was that moment that I remember quite clearly when I, and others heard this almighty splash. We turned around, and Rory had dived into this drop dead gorgeous creek we had parked next to, and was quite happily going for a swim.

That’s when I realised that Dog Chain Creek was such an attractive place. The colour of the water was an inviting-looking light aqua, but very clear. Water lilies floated near the banks of the creek, and it looked so very inviting so one by one most of us on the trip plunged into the creek to join Rory.

The temperature of the water was fresh when you first hit it, but not too cold, and it was surprisingly deep. Dog Chain Creek was a hidden paradise, better than any luxury resort pool, and surrounded by the attractive Kimberley vegetation. That after lunch swim was so refreshing and definitely invigorating. It was a simple pleasure to loll about in the pristine, unpolluted waters of Dog Chain Creek, and the memory of such an unexpectedly joyous moment which gave us so much fun, still makes me smile today.

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