MH Business Class Seats


Malaysia Airlines Business Class seats

An airline transforms

Malaysia Airlines is in transition and now offers better Business Class seats on its A330 aircraft.

The airline’s new management is determined to make flying with Malaysia Airlines a much better experience for passengers, with many changes being made to allow the airline to become more competitive in the strong Asian market.

These state-of-the-art Business Class seats should attract passengers who demand a whole lot of luxury when they fly.  The new seats should also give premium customers a genuine alternative to other regional full-service carriers.

New Business Class seats

The new Business Class seat, with a 43-inch seat pitch converting into a fully flat 76-inch bed, is one of the best received Business Class offerings in the industry. It comes with 90% more working space, extra stowage for personal items and the majority of seats have direct aisle access thanks to the 1-2-1 and 1-2-2 seat layout.

Each seat is equipped with a 16-inch touch screen in-flight entertainment system and every aspect of the Business Class cabin has been carefully designed with passenger comfort and needs in mind.

Having tried out the new seats I was delighted with how comfortable they are, and of just how easy they are to convert from a normal upright position to one which fully reclines.

It’s all done with the simple press of a button. The sensation of movement feels similar to being in an automatic massaging chair, except that your legs are elevated and back reclined.  The bed actually extends back into the seat’s console so that when you do want to have a nap you cannot see the activity in the cabin, and you do have a genuine sense of privacy.

It was pretty comfortable too.

Perhaps Malaysia Airlines could issue Business Class passengers with teddy bears to cuddle whilst they snooze for that true “at home” feeling?

Not that I have a teddy bear to cuddle at home.  That would make my dog really jealous.

Sumptuous in-flight meals

Of course, one needs a snooze after enjoying Malaysia Airlines “mile high meals”.  Business Class passengers enjoy the most delicious satay sticks with peanut sauce, which I have seen being made in their catering centre, so I know that they are made the traditional Malaysian way.

The A330 flies to Malaysia Airlines’ destinations in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, China, and India carrying 40,000 guests on 330 flights to more than 50 destinations daily.

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