Margaret River’s chocoholic paradise

The Margaret River Chocolate Company is one of the great highlights of any visit to this region. Even Willy Wonka’s eyes would pop if he was to walk through the door into the Great Hall of All Things Yummy at one of the most prestigious chocolate makers in Australia.

As you enter, you behold rows of large tables stacked high with pyramids of chocolate in all shapes and forms. There are over 200 different products in all. From premium chocolate bars to hand-made truffles, chocolate sauces and even chocolate body products. There are chocolate recipe books for anyone who wishes to venture into the cullinery art of this Food of the Gods.  The best part is that there are samples for you to try.  The worst part is that eventually have to stop sampling.

Self-service is the order of the day and a counter running the length of one wall is attended by numerous uniformed sales assistants ready to receive your selection.

Towards the back of the hall is a choc-cafe bar with delectible desserts and real hot chocolate made in the Belgian way, with scrapings of rich chocolate melted in a glass of hot milk. I had a real hot chocolate and a slice of ikky sticky date cake. Mmmm.

Visitors can watch the chocolate manufacturing process through a large window into the factory.

A feeling of well being is said to be one of the side effects of eating chocolate, but be warned… your credit card will melt faster than a chocolate bar in a hot little hand, should you be brave enough to bring your kids into this place.

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